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There are 3 distinct flavors of Addington Confections’ toffee

  • TRADITIONAL is the original taste sensation with almonds in the toffee that is then blanketed with our signature chocolate and sprinkled with chopped walnuts. The TRADITIONAL pairs nicely with merlots.

  • MOCHA has Illy espresso added to the chocolate to give it a deep dark rich chocolate taste with a complex finish. This toffee flavor blends with and enhances the walnuts to transform the traditional toffee into a one-of-a-kind taste sensation! This is best enjoyed with a full bodied cabernet or fine port..

  • SEA SALT is our newest offering caters to those that prefer the rich savory and sweet taste of toffee, chocolate and Sea Salt at their best, undisturbed by nuts.

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    Toffee Tower A Full Pound Of Candy Bar Delight! Holiday Happiness (To Buy Click Here) 10 One and half ounce squares of toffee
    • Traditional
    • Mocha (espresso with Nuts)
    • Traditional This elegant air tight glass jar makes a lovely first impression.  Below it's no non-sense bow it's 3x3 toffee candy bars offer an old time comforting sweet and savory pleasure.  This jar makes a wonderful birthday gift, hostess gift or anytime gift! • Traditional
    • Mocha (espresso with nuts)
    • Sea Salt
    Two Pound Gift Tin of Toffee
    • Traditional
    • Mocha (espresso with nuts)